Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR)

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Collaboration with the NSF-funded NCLT will enrich the human resources and educational component of the IFN, based on its expertise in outreach and education development in the K-12 continuum. The CCMR has years of experience offering hands-on workshops in different communities both in English and Spanish. Thought this partnership, CCMR staff will enrich our outreach component by sharing modules already created and offering workshops within the IFN jurisdiction.



National Center for Learning and Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering (NCLT)

NCLT logoCollaboration with the NSF-funded NCLT will enrich the human resources and educational component of the IFN, based on its expertise in inserting nanoscience education in the K-16 continuum. The IFN will constitute a team of three faculty members representing the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering in Nanoscience and technology to develop customized modular curricular components on IFN themes. The goal is to incorporate Nanoscience pivoted on core scientific concepts into the graduate and undergraduate curricula at IFN institutions wit the goal of creating a Nanoscience curriculum. Thorough this partnership, both NCLT and IFN researchers will exchange educational materials, seminars and cutting edge research advances. Materials created and tested will be placed in IFN database, NCLT clearinghouse house to the benefit of other NCLT partners. Materials created by NCLT are already available in the Material Worlds Modules.



Operación Éxito

Operacion Exito logoCollaboration with Operacion Exito through Casa Grande Production, will strengthen outreach and dissemination of nano science education for IFN and their partners in the 10-12 level. Operacion Exito is a web-based competition design to strengthen math and science skill in high school students by promoting healthy competition among 208 schools in Puerto Rico. It also has a strong component of curriculum development by offering a section to teachers (Time Out) where they can have materials to incorporate in their classes using the Department of Education standards. Thought this partnership, the IFN will create cross-disciplinary educational materials and offer 10 one-week internships to teachers and high school students. Operacion Exito will help disseminate IFN advances by creating a “Nanonoticias” section. Researcher from the IFN will create short lessons related to recent advances in their research. Operacion Exito also offers this competition in USA, Spain and Chile.



Puerto Rico Space Grant Consortium

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